Definition of Reiki:

Reiki {Ray- Kee}; A Japanese energy healing therapy that uses gentle application of hands on or off of the body to encourage a steady and unblocked flow of life force within the body. Western Reiki also uses Chakras to guide the session.


Full Reiki Session

90 minutes….$85.00

~What to Expect~
Before the session begins, we will sit down and discuss your treatment goals and I will explain how a session works. After your session, we will have time to discuss any questions or experiences you may have had as well as the perceptions I have during the session. From these insights, we can out a treatment plan into action for you according to your goals. You will also be able to take your hand written notes home with you for future reflection.

Distance Reiki

15 minutes….. $45.00

~What to expect~
On your part, this can be very similar to a meditation. A 10 minute phone or email consultation is first had to decipher what you are looking to achieve and if you would like to focus on a specific mantra to further increase the benefits of the session.

*Distance Reiki is wonderful for those working through addictions, wanting to break habits or when working with neuroplasticity, which helps to create new nerve path ways in the brain and influence more positive chains of thought.

Reiki With Crystals

90 minute session… $95.00

~What to expect~
This has all of the same benefits of a Reiki session, with the addition of crystals, hand picked to suit your specific needs. Crystals are either laid out on certain areas of the body, can be held in the client’s hand or may be arranged underneath the treatment table. Each crystal holds specific properties which help to intensify and expedite healing.

Reikified Crystals

Reiki Session Packages

3 Sessions…. $199.99 (reg. $255.00)

6 Sessions…..$399.99 (reg. $510.00)

10 Sessions…$699.99 (reg. $850.00)