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COMING SOON! Reiki Level Two Course

January, 2018
Stay Tuned for registration details or email to show your interest at

Reiki is now being recognized in our city and across the world as a healing method for many different issues such as mental health, chronic pain, addiction, cancer treatment support, and many others. It is also extremely accurate at helping others and ourselves to find direction, have more clarity for whatever your life’s purpose may be, and remove blockages in the energetic centres which inhibit us from reaching our fullest potential.

In Reiki Level 2 you will learn:
•How to use distance Reiki to heal people, pets, places and situations
•the symbols of level 2 Usui Reiki and what they mean
•Reiki and Meditation, how to incorporate Reiki into your personal meditation practice
•How to incorporate crystals into your healing sessions

The course also includes a vegan, gluten free lunch, endless tea and a Level 2 Usui Reiki certificate.

It is recommended that students have a minimum of 6 months practice time before taking level 2.

Compasha looks forward to helping you to continue your journey in the world of Reiki and all it has to offer.

Inhale, exhale, keep it real, repeat.
One Love.