Handmade, one of a kind, Reiki infused jewelry.  Get Reikified with Compasha.

Hand made in the heart of Kitsilano,   Compasha’s Reikified jewelry is one of a kind.  No piece is the same and our crystals are hand picked to ensure the highest quality and ethical scrutiny is maintained.  As a Master Reiki practitioner, Tiffany Crowe is not only the designer and creator of Compasha’s Reikfied jewelry, but is also responsible for infusing each piece with powerful, healing Reiki.

Reiki is a Japanese healing therapy.  Reiki means universal energy.  Everything, including us, is made of this energy. At times, we feel stuck, blocked or stagnant.  By using Reiki energy, it removes these blockages that prevent us from being as vital and free to live our lives as possible.  Aside from offering Reiki services to our clients, we also offer beautiful, handmade jewelry that had been infused with Reiki energy.  Each one of our crystal jewelry pieces sit amist a Reiki crystral grid created by Reiki Master Tiffany Crowe.  Like people, stones all possess specific traits and attributes.  The Reiki allows the stone to be purified and enhances their natural healing abilities. We offer a variety of stones and pieces to suit your unique needs. Each stone comes with a description and which chakra it best aligns with.


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