Tiffany Crowe, owner of Compasha Holistic Lifestyle Brand, has been in the health and wellness industry for over 12 years practicing Yoga, Reiki, Body Work and Meditation. She has extensive knowledge of anatomy and body mechanics and blends this well in her Yoga classes and Reiki sessions. Tiffany is a certified 200hr Yoga teacher and Master Reiki Practitioner and has an honours diploma in International Body Care.

As a Master Reiki Practitioner, Tiffany is always excited to learn from her clients and develop new and innovative techniques to incorporate into sessions. Clients can expect a calming, grounding, balancing and thorough Reiki session along with perceptive insights.

Tiffany loves to create interesting and challenging yoga classes, appropriate for all levels, whether you have done Yoga before or not. She always welcomes new people with a smile and wants them to feel as comfortable and free to explore Yoga in whatever capacity they wish.

The goal of Compasha is to make Reiki, Yoga, Meditation and other holistic wellness modalities accessible to everyone and to welcome anyone to try them without dogma, expectations or judgement.

Humour is very important to Tiffany and is it definitely used in her sessions and classes to connect with clients and students.

Compasha’s motto is: “Inhale, exhale, KEEP IT REAL, repeat.”

Whatever your passion is in life, Compasha wants to help you get there.