Vancouver Master Reiki Practitioner

& Registered Yoga Teacher

Services & Offerings


We are Vancouver’s most progressive Reiki studio. With a background in yoga, meditation and body work, we are able to offer more than just Reiki. We devise personal, multi-faceted treatment plans for our clients that integrate all aspects of a holistic lifestyle.


Leave the yoga pants at home and come have fun! We hold no judgements or dogmatic beliefs. We just want to provide our clients with dynamic, mindful and challenging classes that help to build strength in both the body and the mind, and unite them as one. Our motto is “Inhale, exhale, KEEP IT REAL, repeat.”


Meditation is now being used world-wide in not only alternative health practices, but the corporate world as well. We want to show you that mediation is versatile and diverse and can be tailored to suit your unique mind. Compasha holds many seminars, workshops and events to show people just how accessible and beneficial Meditation can be, whether it is in the workplace or on the yoga mat.

Inhale, exhale, KEEP IT REAL, repeat.